Social Media Marketing for business in 2013

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Social Media Marketing for Small Business?

Social Media Marketing for business is just a part of what we do, so whilst trawling Facebook one morning I discovered the following info graphic, and whilst I read it I thought hey, if I’m interested enough to read it – so will someone else so here it is.

The big question I am usually asked in connection with businesses is – which format of social media marketing should I concentrate my budget on?

My usual answer is: that a lot of it depends on what your target audience is, and what you want as a result from using social media marketing. i.e Do you want more likes? More followers or more buisness? Is your target market 18-30, 30-40 or 40+

For instance we have available a Social Media Marketing tool that enables business to turn fans into clients or customers, so if you are thinking of looking to develop your Facebook fans this is the one for you.

The Top 5 Social Media Sites for 2013:


What can you say about Facebook that hasn’t already been written? Love it or Loath it its Number 1


With the advent of being able to search Google for Video – Youtube is a logical number 2, video is fast becoming a must for SEO.


I didn’t expect to find it here. Having used it for collaboration projects, I just don’t see it as a social media platform.


Googles blogger platform grabs 4th slot in the top 5.


I am surprised to see Twitter so low in the the top 5 for business.

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