Six email marketing tips for success

Six email marketing tips for success

Six email marketing tips for success

Six email marketing tips for success

Six email marketing tips for success

Having spent nearly four years in the email marketing industry we have compiled the six email marketing tips for success from our own experiences and some of the most popular questions from clients.

Remember that these top 6 tips are not the only things you need to master in order to make your email marketing campaigns a success.

Number one, the top dog, this is the one everyone must comply with, only email people who have genuinely opted-in to receive email from you.

Remember we must all comply with the CAN SPAM Act in order to succeed.

Second on our list is as important as number one, in fact it actually is a very close contender for the number one spot. Content is king.

Spending adequate time on your content and subject line is not a wasted opportunity, as good quality well written content will ensure the interest of your reader.

Third place goes to – Do you remember when we used to do things by post or snail mail? Well maybe I am showing my age now, but letters addressed to dear sir, where always for my Dad, and letters address dear Carl where always opened. Why because I felt that the writer had taken the time to write personally to me. Try it and see, your open rates should increase by up to 90%.

Fourth is simple have clear, easy and concise calls to action, if you want readers to ring you make sure your phone number is prominent within your email and in the top 1/3rd of the page.

Fifth is one for your email marketing provider, make sure that your email is tested in different email clients, as your email may look great in Mozilla Thunderbird, but how does it look on an Apple Mac?

And last but not least is number six the detail, also include a plain text version of each of your html emails.

We hope that you have found our top 6 tips for email marketing success of interest if you would like an informal chat about how we can help you please call us on 08444 123 173 and ask for Carl. For more information about our email marketing services.

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