Email Marketing

Email Marketing what is it?

Email Marketing is an efficient method of communicating with your customers or clients, and prospects as it is measurable both in costs, and return on investment. Each email can be individually addressed just like a letter, created to look like it came straight from your computer or to match your companies brand, logo and colours. The choice is yours..

Once you have decided to start an email marketing campaign it is important to remember that there are a number of different ways your potential readers can view your emails and your design should be optimised for each platform, html, text, including mobile, tablets, desktop email clients and webmail. EmailNW ensure that your email will work across the major platforms as part of our campaign management strategy.

The Constant Contact approach.

Email Marketing is quick and cost effective; which means you can send a more regular communication to your clients than with traditional email or snail mail. By using our email marketing software we can get you past more SPAM filters and in front of more customers meaning a better chance of more business for you.

Real time results reporting

Well you can with our real time results, not only do the results tell you whether a campaign has been successful, they can also help you when writing future campaigns, if it works repeat it and use it again and again.

Your best salesman

It is quick and easy to send email, and with our real time reporting you can watch your email marketing campaign in action as it happens. You can even make email marketing your salesman that never sleeps and create scheduled emails in advance to go out throughout the year.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Our email marketing system is so cost effective that it is affordable even for the smallest of budgets. Remember with email – there are no paper cuts, no need to lick hundreds of stamps, or tramp to the post office in the rain.